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Milwaukee Co. employees celebrate “Badgers Day”

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee County employees traded in their business attire for Badgers Gear — at least for one day on Friday, April 4th.

“I think it shows great spirit that county employees are wearing their red and white to support the Wisconsin Badgers,” said Joe Czarnezki, Milwaukee County Clerk.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele declared Friday “Wisconsin Badgers Day” to help celebrate the team playing in the Final Four on Saturday. Part of that includes wearing that enthusiasm on the outside – all county employees were encouraged to wear Badgers gear or red and white to work.

“It’s an opportunity to take pride in something. I think the whole state is excited about it. we have a good team, they are playing well and I think they’ve had a good a shot as anybody,” said County Executive Chris Abele.

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Plans unveiled to build strong neighborhoods in West Allis

WEST ALLIS (WITI) — For more than a decade, Citlali Mendieta has been a resident and business owner in West Allis.

Her love for the city prompted her to start the Burnham Pointe Neighborhood and Business Association.

“We want to see our community thrive. We want to have our area be what it used to be 30 years ago but even better. We want to see the residents taking pride of their properties and working together,” said Mendieta.

Now city officials are asking all residents to step up and make a difference like Mendieta.

“We hope that these initiatives will build on these strengths but also bring about a new energy through expanded involvement of the residents of West Allis,” said West Allis Mayor Dan Devine.

They’re encouraging people to create their own neighborhood groups and help out with things like spring cleaning.

Lifeguard training course available in Milwaukee County

MILWAUKEE CO. (WITI) — To fill its ranks of about 250 lifeguards, Milwaukee County Parks is offering the final lifeguard training course before the summer season. The free in-water course will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays, April 8-24, from 7-9 p.m. at Pulaski Pool, 2701 S. 16 St. The performance exam will be given Saturday, April 26 at 7 a.m.

The free in-water training is open to all Wisconsin residents, age 16 and older by the start of the summer swimming season. Attendees must be in good physical condition and able to swim 100 meters in under
1 minute and 45 seconds.

All lifeguard candidates are required to complete testing through the Parks Dept. The Parks does not accept outside certifications.

After passing the in-water training, candidates must pass a first-responder course to be placed on the eligible list for hiring. Starting pay is about $10 per hour.

Milwaukee County supervisors to see salaries cut in 2016

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee County supervisors will see their salaries cut as a result of a referendum on Tuesday’s ballot. Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure — and now the County Board is reacting.

“They have seen us in action, and unfortunately a lot of the times that we did get notoriety, it was negative and we brought it on ourselves,” said Supervisor Mark Borkowski.

Voters approved the referendum by an overwhelming 71 percent vote. It slashes supervisors’ salaries from more than $50,000 a year to about $24,000 — making them part-time workers. They will also lose pensions and benefits. The move will save Milwaukee County taxpayers $500,000 a year.

Supervisor Borkowski says he and his fellow board members have only themselves to blame.

“We’ve done some things, we’ve self-inflicted. We’ve hurt ourselves,” said Borkowski.

West Allis man is one of two whose truck went through ice Sunday

LAKE WINNEBAGO (WITI) — It may seem like spring is taking forever to arrive — but by now the ice should probably be considered off-limits. Two men learned a lesson on Sunday, March 30th — when their trucks went through the ice, and into Lake Winnebago after ice conditions deteriorated rapidly.

“We just had a very bad day,” Robert Lobajeski of West Allis told FOX6 News.

It was supposed to be the last ride of the season. Forecasted temperatures were in the 50s — but still, Robert Lobajeski drove to Lake Winnebago to plow an ice track for his friends.

“It was kind of, maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t. There was probably, at the time, 30 inches of ice out there,” Lobajeski said.

It was a typical Sunday, until Lobajeski decided to call it a day.

PICTURES: Submit pictures to show you’re “Backing Bucky!”

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — How are you showing your support for the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team this week! Take a picture and CLICK THE “SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO” button just below. We may use your photo on-air.

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Overpass bridge must be inspected after it is struck by over-sized load

WALWORTH COUNTY (WITI) — Walworth County Sheriff’s officials say an overpass bridge must be inspected following an incident involving a semi-trailer and an over-sized load that occurred on Monday evening, March 31st.

It happened on Highway 12 and I-43.

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  • I-43 overpass bridge over Highway 12 struck